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Welcome to JungleForever

What we stand for and why

Who we are

It's a beautiful planet now, but will our great grandchildren see it?

We believe we have to do something now to preserve and sustain nature and animal life not only for ourselves but also for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. Technology and industries are growing faster than the earth can handle. That is why we decided to give a helping hand to mother nature!

People and the diversity of animals on earth need a green planet to thrive.

Our goal is to have more forest and jungle to support the planet's population and also to sustain the many animals that need the forest for their survival.

African and South American forests need help!
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What we are fighting for

Our Causes

€1,000 of €50,000 raised

Help us plant trees

When nature is struggling it gives us a warning in the form of a plague or disease. It is telling us to plant more trees now!

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We love nature and trees, that's where it all starts!

We need to work together, to help is to contribute. Manpower is also needed, not only financial contributions. See how you can contribute today.

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What We Are Doing


What do trees do for our planet? How do trees grow and support life?


Where are more forests needed the most right now?


How is our daily life influenced by forests and nature?


Manpower. The real trees need to be planned and planted. See how you can help us plant a tree.


How do forests support insect life which on their turn support our crops.


Work with like minded people to make your area more green and get more trees planted.

Our Stories

Some Of The Success Stories

Seminar for Children to Learn About the Future

Here is an example of a success story of when a young person knows what a simple action of planting a tree does for the present and future.
Restoring regional flora that is inherent to the area rebuilds past geological evolution. We can help nature continue to thrive while still keeping our urban population. Our goal is keep our forests and man healthy. We want another 3 more trees per person on earth!

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