What we want to achieve

Our Mission

Our goal is to have more forests and jungles to support the planet’s population and the various animals that need the forest for their survival. In order to do that, we want to add at least three trees for each human being on Earth. Ideally, those trees would be fruit trees, which would help the local population create a sustainable income for themselves, and in turn contribute to the health of all holiday destinations worldwide.

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What we want to solve

CO2: more trees mean less CO2 in the environment and more Oxygen.

Aesthetics: maintaining the urban and rural area’s so future generations can enjoy them.

Poverty: many areas of the world are touched by famines, and having fruit trees would also provide economic solutions to the area. Local groups will have opportunities for sustainable income and more food.

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Contributing to the solution

By having local fruit trees, the locals have an interest in maintaining them so they can earn a living by selling the fruits. Naturally a share of the profit is to be re-invested into the ecosystem and environment, so more fruit trees and local trees can be planted.

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How we are different

Governments around the world have created funds and initiatives to help with climate change issues. Jungle Forever is about creating a grass root movement, to foster more awareness around environmental issues, in particular CO2 problems, while creating a sustainable income for the local groups. It’s really about working with individual people, supporting their families, and having a lasting change.

Our History

Jungle Forever Plan


We love nature and trees, that's where it all starts. We also💚our volunteers and donors!


3 more trees for each person on planet earth. 60% fruit trees to help local economies. 40% indigenous trees of the area to help enforce a health ecosystem.


Our roots are in Amsterdam but our system will be implemented around the world to ensure more and more trees everywhere.

Non Profit Organization

Jungle Forever NPO

Jungle Forever Foundation

We are an Official Non Profit Organisation. Chamber of Commerce nr. 71252487 Established 2018 in Amsterdam!

You can join Us

What We Are Doing


We share our knowledge, helping others learn what trees can be planted and in which area.


With more trees around, more and more pollution will be neutralised. And planting a tree can be a great workout!


Because we concentrate on planting trees that can be a source of food, we are ensuring more natural and unprocessed food.


Start close by and soon many will start to help you change the situation around you!


No matter where you are we want to help everybody and all nations with more trees


Become a volunteer and help build up your local community.

Join Us

Let's Make the World Better Together

Pollution may muddy landscapes, poison soils and waterways, or kill plants and animals. Humans are also regularly harmed by pollution. Long-term exposure to air pollution, for example, can lead to chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer and other diseases.
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