Let your donation be an Inspiration!

For now we have 3 projects. We would like to get started immediately, planting trees and making new plans for more environmental actions for the long term.

Think about using modern science to have trees grow on rooftops and even in deserts.
Green roofs are a worldwide megatrend in architecture. As the green roof industry has matured, green roof designs are changing from rather simple extensive green roof systems to very complex urban landscapes on structure. Leading designers and landscape architects are envisioning and creating ever more sophisticated green roofs on top of buildings.
Planting the right trees in places that need food and economic growth. We have plans on all these areas and will show you once we are up and running with videos, pictures and testimonials.

What is our plan of action?

✅ We would like to work together with other foundations and organisations with similar goals as ours. 
✅ To achieve our goals we will outsource and accept help from others.
✅ We will have partners in the next fields:
🍀Educational institutions
🍀Municipal institutions
🍀Volunteering networks 
🍀Development and research institutes
🍀Architectural firms
These farmers will be very important, because they are the ones that will be contracted by us to maintain the fields of trees and will get the profit from the fruit trees. In return for this profit our farmers will take care of a large area of trees and make sure these trees stay safe. After obtaining the suitable land and a good variety of trees, not all fruit or spice trees, a contract is to be set up with a farmer. These farmers are going to receive the correct education and know-how from our team of teachers, that we are going to skilfully select and train.
On our agenda we will have many events and trade fairs in many countries, like in the United States, the Netherlands and in Iran.
Our aim is to be very transparent and honest to our donors, so they can see every step we are taking and what we have accomplished with the funds donated.

Funds are urgently needed!

€3,565 of €10,000 raised

Help us get started!

Since we are a new foundation funds are needed for research, planning and equipment.

€1,000 of €50,000 raised

Help us plant trees

When nature is struggling it gives us a warning in the form of a plague or disease. It is telling us to plant more trees now!

€1,800 of €100,000 raised

Help us save the world

Donate now to help us plant trees all over the world and help fight poverty and famine!

Help us to achieve our goal of having 3 more trees per person on earth!

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