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€3,565 of €10,000 raised
What we will do
Obtaining funds, finding the workforce and acquiring the trees. The next step is locating regions and requesting approvals for these districts, where we can plant trees and do much more for a beautiful and safe environment.
Let your donation be an Inspiration
Help us to make our goal of having 3 extra trees per person on earth. People and the great diversity of animals on Earth need a green planet.
Our Objectives
Our goal is to have more trees in forests, jungles and on every large area of land, to support the planet’s population and the many animals that need these forests and jungles for their survival.
Our mission is to create a healthy environment, with more oxygen!
Let’s make the world greener together!
We need to work together, to help is to contribute. Manpower is also needed, not only financial contributions.
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What we want to solve
CO2: more trees means less CO2 in the environment Aesthetics: maintaining the urban and rural area’s so future generations can enjoy them.
Contributing to the solution
By having local fruit trees, the locals have an interest in maintaining them so they can earn a living by selling the fruits. Of course a share of the profit is to be re-invested into the charity, so more fruit trees and local trees can be planted.
Many areas of the world are touched by famines, and having fruit trees would provide economic solutions to the area. Local groups will have opportunities for sustainable income.

What do trees do for out planet? How to plant and grow trees? How trees support life? What are the benefits of trees?
Where are more forests needed the most right now?
How is daily life of people influenced by forests and nature?
Manpower. The actual trees need to be planted and planned. See how you can plant a tree. Empower people, train volunteers, educate the population.
How do forests support insect life which also benefits our crops.
Work with like minded people to make your area more green and get more trees planted.
€3,565 of €10,000 raised
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